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The Totem Animal Series 

All rights reserved - Images/text Copyright Suzanne Grover

... It is believed we all have a group of animals to whom we are spiritually linked called our totem animals. They walk with us through life teaching, guiding and healing us. Find your totem animals here, or contact me to commission an original totem illustration all your own. Each totem comes with a story of each animal's spiritual attributes. Prints are $45 (free shipping in the US). Proceeds go to wildlife and companion animal rescue. Each print is hand-signed on 11"x17" cardstock.




Totem Original

Farm Friends




Rescue Dogs





Endangered Species

Rescue Cats

Military Art ~ The "So Long" Series



The So Long series began as a tear-soaked sketch I drew on the back of a piece of mail just before troops were being sent to Iraq. It's about seperation from the ones you love, and how time is so precious. Home Safe was inspired by the words family members painted on sheets draped over the fences around Camp Lejeune, NC to welcome their loved ones back home. Always Faithful is a Marine Corps slogan and I thought tying yellow ribbons around a tree would be perfect for showing ones' loyalty. In each print, there is a spot for couples to "carve" (print with a permanent marker) their own initials on the tree. Proud Mom is a actually my own rendition of The Blue Star Service banner with the star as a picture on mom's t-shirt and the window as the red border.

After I created these four drawings, the Marine Corps Exchange Service decided to sell a limited amount of prints around the country for about two years. The series is not available in stores at this time, and  the Higher Power Illustration has never been released until now. That one is available only in USMC version. I hope you enjoy collecting the series or giving them as gifts to your veteran friends and loved ones. 









So Long 

Home Safe

Proud Mom 

Always Faithful 

Higher Power 




Prints are $50 each which includes shipping within the United States. Please contact me for overseas shipping. When ordering military prints, please e-mail me your choice of service branch, ethnicity and the female's hair color. For Navy "So Long" and "Home Safe" prints, please also specify officer or enlisted. Prints are hand-signed on 11x17 cardstock. If you would like other changes or additions, please e-mail me for a quote on a custom print. And of course your prints won't have the copyright sign on them. Many thanks and best wishes to all for a safe return home.

So Long New Version


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