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Many believe that we all have a group of animals to whom we are spiritually linked known as our totem, or spirit animals. They visit us in real life, or speak to us through dreams and other images. Which animals "speak" to you? My Totem illustrations were inspired by my real life interactions with the animals themselves, and love. (The word "Love" is in each drawing -- can you find it?) 


These collectible plaques are my illustrations printed directly onto gorgeous superior-quality, substantial wooden plaques with an elegant and smooth matte finish, inner white border (approx 5.8") and black beveled edges (which will stand out on white walls). They are 9" x 17" x 3/8" and have a keyhole slot on the back for easy wall display. With no glass, no mats, no muss-no fuss Totem plaques can add nature's beauty anywhere! Half of ALL Totem profits go directly to caring for rescued animals. 



Totem East

      Totem Farm

      Totem South

All images are the registered copyright of Suzanne Grover

      Totem Cats

      Totem Dogs


Totem Plaques are available for both wholesale and retail. Plaques of the entire Totem Collection (13 illustrations) are available upon request for wholesale purchases (minimum order of 25 per design is kindly requested) 

The Totems pictured here (East, South, Farm, Cats and Dogs) are the first-released editions that are available in plaques now for consumer and single sales. More will be available early next year. Please send us and email for prices and payment details.

Half of ALL the Totem's profits directly pay for the care of rescued animals!

We all thank you! 

(Of course watermarks of registered copyright will not appear on any plaques). 

view 6 - keyhole slot on back.jpg

Other views of the Totem plaques ... 

view 1 copy.jpg
view 2 copy.jpg
view 3.jpg
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